Confessions of a Fitness Wannabe

I’m a fitness wannabe.  I want to know the latest and greatest regarding fitness, exercise, resilience and strength of all kinds. But more than just know it, I wanna BE the kind of person that actually enjoys that stuff.  I want to wake up in the morning excited to move my body and push it(…)

Birthday Resolutions

For years now I’ve had a practice of making resolutions on my birthday instead of at New Years, because it really is a new year of life starting today. My 45th year. It’s an opportunity as always to sit back and take inventory of where I am, have been and want to go. I’m not(…)

Managing mixed messages: a case of pre-Senioritis

On Friday when we launched the Fall Experience Austin program, City Demographer and data-wizard extraordinaire Ryan Robinson delivered yet another spectacular presentation on Austin. I’ve heard Ryan present various data several times a year over the past 5, and I learn something each time – but this time was not so pleasant. This time I heard Ryan mention a new (to(…)

Notes Along the Way

Some notes along the way last week re: rebooting morning routine per my previous post: Monday – 5354 steps by 8 am.  Woke up at 4:45 to give myself some wake up time before starting to walk at 5.  Could only walk about 30 minutes because had to get ready early for an 8:30 meeting.(…)

Eating Live Frogs

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”   ― Mark Twain I continue to pursue all this wellness business in my quest for higher energy.  I’ve learned it’s a bad idea to focus on weight loss as my primary goal – although I’m(…)


I’m bored of talking about what doesn’t work, about what I’ve tried – even about why.  I want this blog to be about moving forward, making progress, re-inventing my physical self knowing all of my other selves will benefit from it entirely.  So I dedicate only these first posts to what has come before.  And(…)